The Orchestra Foundation (O.F.) aims to support symfonic orchestra's en ensembles that are active in Belgium. O.F. is a new player in the orchestra landscape. As private foundation created in 2010, O.F. is able to work from a independant position, without any obligations towards state organisations and public actors in the cultural field. O.F. wants to work from this starting point with all possible partners to stimulate and optimalise the functioning of professional and above all amateur orchestra's and ensembles in general. O.F. is an ideal intermediary between these different actors (musicians, halls, concert organisators, ...) and the business world and it aims to link these partners to allow the fulfilment of their common goals.

O.F. wants to offer an added value by collecting information, by conducting some research on the needs and by providing practical support where necessary e.g. for rehearsals places, concerthalls, ticketting, ...

O.F. wants to think in a creative way with the involved partners and aims to give innovative inputs for the setup of Belgian orchestra's and ensembles. O.F. thinks e.g. to the possibility of developping an IT-tool for the the practical and administrative functioning of Belgian symphonic orchestra's.

O.F. will try to make financial support possible e.g. for composition orders, for the performing rights for Belgian and international composers, for the rental of sheet music, for the coaching of youth orchestra's/ensembles by professionals, for competitions and adjudicators, etc... To do this, O.F. is planning the collection of funds.

O.F. will work as a turntable for orchestra's and ensembles, using that position to lobby towards the various authorities.